Germany, Historical Group Picture Of Three Couples From 1920S
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Description Germany, Historical Group Picture Of Three Couples From 1920S
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Recording Date05.05.2014
Creditmauritius images / Westend61 / Fotomaschinist
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5206 x 3336 pixel, 44.08 cm x 28.24 cm @ 300 dpi
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20th century, 1920's, 1920er, 1920s, abreast, alert, alertness, amity, ancient, anciently, ancients, anterior view, attention, attentive, attentiveness, b/w, b/w image, bedside table, bedside tables, belt, be seated, bibelot, black-and-white, black and white, bond, bonding, boyfriend, boyfriends, bw, camaraderie, camera gaze, catching somebody's eye, center table, center tables, cohesion, combine, commemoration, commitment, committment, community, compound, comradeship, concentrated, concentration, confidence, conjoined, connecter, connectivity, connector, consecutive, couple, couples, crowd, desk, each other, end table, eye-contact, eye-to-eye, eye contact, eye to eye, face-to-face, facing camera, facing each other, faith, familiarity, fasten together, focused, focussed, forefront, friend, friends, friendship, front, frontal, frontal opinion, frontal reception, front angle view, front profile, front range, front view, germany, group, group of people, group photo, group picture, group pictures, group portrait, group reception, head ##135770## shoulders, head & shoulders, head-on, head-on view, head-shot, head and shoulders, head on, head on view, headshot, head shot, headshots, head shots, heterosexual couple, historic, historical, historic and vintage, history, holding together, hold together, homo sapiens, human, human being, human beings, human group, humanoid, humans, husband ##1007231## wife, husband##1007231##wife, husband and wife, image, images, in a row, indoor, indoor photo, indoors, indoor shot, in line, inside, intent, interior, interior shot, interior view, interiour photo, interiour photos, interiour shots, internal space, in the time of, jointly, juxtaposition, keepsake, line, line-up, lined up, line up, linking, looking at camera, man and woman, medium group of people, memories, memory, men and women, mindfulness, mutuality, observant, observe, observing, occasional table, old, one after another, one behind the other, paintings, pair, pairs, past, past time, people, people's, peoples, perch, perched, perching, person, person of, persons, persons of, photo, photograph, photographies, photographs, photography, photos, picture, pictures, portrait, portraits, portraiture, regard, relation, relationship, reliance, rely, remember, rememberance, rememberances, remembering, remembrance, retro, row, rows, sat, sat down, seat, seated, seated man, seated men, seated people, seated persons, series, shoulders-up, shoulders up, side-by-side, side by side, side table, sit, sits, sitting, sitting down, sitting somebody down, solidarity, souvenir, souvenirs, spectating, stand, standing, stands, stick together, strung, successive, table, tables, the past, time, times, to be seated, together, togetherness, to sit, to stand, tribalism, trust, twentieth century, twosomes, view from front, view from inside, vigilance, vigilant, vintage, watch, watched over, watchful, watching, within building, woman and man, writings table, writings tables, writing table, writing tables
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