Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Porta Westfalica, View To Emperor-Wilhelm Monument At Twilight
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Description Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Porta Westfalica, View To Emperor-Wilhelm Monument At Twilight
License Typ RM
Recording Date16.05.2014
Creditmauritius images / Westend61 / Andreas Pacek
Model Release Not existing
Property Release Not existing
File size
51.6 MB (uncompressed ), 18 MP
3467 x 5200 pixel, 29.35 cm x 44.03 cm @ 300 dpi
architecture, architectures, atmosphere, atmospheric, attraction, bibelot, border marking, clear sky, cloudless, color, color-image, color flow, color image, color photo, color picture, colour, colour - hue, colour-image, colour-images, colour image, colour images, colour picture, colour pictures, commemoration, copy-space, copy space, copyspace, copy spaces, countryside, dawn light, destination, destinations, dusk, emperor, emperors, emperor wilhelm monument, empress, empty space, empty spaces, evening mood, exterior, exteriors, exterior shot, famous place, full of atmosphere, germany, heaven, highland, holidays' destination, horizon, horizon over land, horizons, human representation, humor, imperator, imperators, journey, kaiser, keepsake, landform, landforms, landmark, landscapes, locality, location, locations, low mountain range, low mountain regions, making a journey, male, males, man, memorial, memorials, memories, memory, montane landscape, monument, monuments, mood, moods, moody, mount, mountain, mountain landscape, mountain range, mountains, mountainscape, natural scenery, nature stone, nature stones, nobody, no people, no person, north rhine-westphalia, open air, open field, outdoor, outdoors, outside, photo, photograph, photography, photos, place, place of excursions, place of interest, places, plastics, plaza, public square, range, remember, rememberance, rememberances, remembering, remembrance, road trip, roadtrip, scenery, sculpture, sculptures, sight, sights, site, sky, skyline, souvenir, souvenirs, space for text, square, statuaries, statuary, statue, statues, stone, stones, temper, tourism destination, tourist destinations, travel, travel destination, travel destinations, travelling, trip, twilight, weser highland, without people, world travel
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