Grip, medicine, health, hot-water bottle
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Description Grip, medicine, health, hot-water bottle
License Typ RM
Recording Date20.07.2016
Creditmauritius images / Nora Frei
Model Release No permission needed
Property Release No permission needed
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56.8 MB (uncompressed ), 19.8 MP
3587 x 5533 pixel, 30.37 cm x 46.85 cm @ 300 dpi
above view, affliction, afflictions, ague, ailment, alcohol bottles, apothecary, bandana, bandanna, blister, bottle, bottles, bronchitis, bubble pack, calm, caloric, capsule, capsules, catch cold, citron, clinical thermometer, cloth, cold, color red, colour red, common cold, concerning, cordial, coryza, cough, coughing, cross, curative, cure, curing, developement, disease, diseases, disorder, dosage, dose, drapery, dribble, drip, dripping, drop, drops, drug, drug industry, drugs, earns, effervescent tablet, effervescent tablets, emblematical, fabric, fabrics, fever, fevers, fit, flask, flasks, flu, flus, fringes, halter, handicraft, handiwork, handkerchief, handkerchiefs, handling, handwork, hankie, hankies, hanky, head cold, head colds, heal, healing, health, health care, healthcare, healthful, health support, healthy, heat, hot-water bag, hot-water bottle, hotness, hot water bottle, hygienics, icon, iconic, ill, illness, illnesses, influenza, kerchief, knitted, knitting, lemon, m.d., malady, manual work, materials, measure, measurement, measuring, medical, medical condition, medical science, medicament, medicaments, medicin, medicinal, medicine, medicines, meter, muffler, mufflers, neckerchief, nobody, no people, no persons, orange, orange fruit, package, packaging, packing, pharmaceutical drug, pharmaceutical drugs, pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals industry, pharmaceutics, pharmacies, pharmacy, pill, pills, processing, public health, pyrexia, quiet, rag, red, red color, red colour, remedies, remedy, representative, rich in vitamins, rope, salutary, sanitary measure, scarf, serene, shawl, sick, sickly, sickness, sicknesses, snort, snorting, stale, still life, symbolic, symbolical, symbolism, symbol picture, symbols, tablet, tablets, tabloid, taking, temperature, therapeutic measure, therapies, therapy, thermal, thermometer, thermometers, tissues, tranquil, tranquill scene, treat, treatment, treatments, unflustered, view from above, vitamin, vitamin-rich, vitamins, vits, warm, warmth, warm tone, warm tones, warness, weight measurements, white, white color, white colour, wholesome, winter, winters, winter time, wintertime, wool, wool scarf, wrapping
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