Diabetes, medicine, health, diabetes
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Description Diabetes, medicine, health, diabetes
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Recording Date20.07.2016
Creditmauritius images / Nora Frei
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3625 x 5524 pixel, 30.69 cm x 46.77 cm @ 300 dpi
action, actions, activeness, affliction, afflictions, agitation, ailment, auto immune, autoimmune, autoimmune disorder, autoimmune disorders, blood glucose, blood glucoses, blood sugar, bright, calm, calories, candy, carb, carbo, carbohydrate, carbohydrates, carbs, chonic diseases, chronic, chronic disease, chronic illness, cogitate, cogitating, color red, colour red, contemplating, contemplation, cross, diabetes, diabetes mellitus, diabetic, diabetics, disease, diseases, disorder, doing gymnastics, drug industry, emblematical, energetic, energies, energy, figure, figured, figurine, figurines, fit, force, form, forming, forms, gym, gymnastic, gymnastics, gymnastics practice, gymnastics practices, gyms, health, healthcare, health care, healthful, health support, healthy, high-calorie, hygienics, icon, iconic, ill, illness, illnesses, image of pancreas, immune system, immune systems, in motion, insulin, light-coloured, lucid, m.d., malady, manikin, medical, medical condition, medical science, medicin, medicinal, medicine, meditate, meditating, metabolism, mode, mold, molding, molds, motion, mould, moulding, moulds, movement, moving activity, moxie, muse, musing, nobody, no people, of execution, on-the-move, on the move, pancreas, pancreatic, pensive, pensiveness, pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceuticals industry, physical education, pictogram, pictograms, pictograph, pictographs, ponder, power, power and energy, practising gymnastics, public health, quiet, red, red color, red colour, representative, salutary, sanitary measure, serene, shape, shapes, shaping, sick, sickly, sickness, sicknesses, speculate, speculating, sport, sporting, sports, still life, strength, sugar, sway, sweet, sweetly, sweet one, symbol, symbolic, symbolical, symbolism, symbol picture, symbols, therapeutic measure, therapies, therapy, thinking, thoughtful, thoughtfulness, thoughts, tranquil, tranquill scene, unflustered, white, white color, white colour, wholesome
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