Man with plastic lids as glasses
Image Number


Description Man with plastic lids as glasses
License Typ RM
Recording Date30.03.2010
Creditmauritius images / Paula Ludwig
Model Release Existing
Property Release No permission needed
File size
12.4 MB (uncompressed ), 4.3 MP
1701 x 2552 pixel, 14.4 cm x 21.61 cm @ 300 dpi
alacritous, aliveness, amusement, anciently, anterior view, artist, artiste, artists, bald, bald-headed, bald head, bald heads, balding, bald patch, bald pate, blind, blindness, blithesomeness, caucasian, caucasian appearance, caucasian ethnicity, caucasian people, caucasian person, caucasians, cheerful, cheery, childish, childlike, chore, chores, circle, circles, closed eye, cogitate, cogitating, color red, colour red, completely bald, contemplating, contemplation, domestic work, dumb, enjoyment, european type, eye, eyes, flagging, flagstones, foolish, foolishly, foppish, forefront, fortunate, freedom, front, frontal, frontal opinion, front angle view, front profile, front range, front view, fun, gladness, glee, gleeful, goofy, happy, having fun, head-on, head-on view, head on, head on view, high life, highlife, homework, household, housework, houshold chores, humor, humorous, humors, humour, humourous, immature, innocently, ironic, irony, jolly, kitchen, laugh, laughing, laughter, laughters, liberty, lively, liveness, lucky, meditate, meditating, mellow, merrily, mug of tea, mural, muse, musing, pensive, pensiveness, plastic, plastics, playing up, play up, points, polka-dotted, polka dot pattern, polka dotted, ponder, psyched, red, red color, red colour, sculpture, self-critical, shaved-head, shaved head, shavedhead, sight loss, silly, skirt, smiling, smirk, smirking, speculate, speculating, spot, spots, spotted, tea-pot, tea-pots, teapot, tea pot, tea pots, teapots, thinking, thoughtful, thoughtfulness, thoughts, tile, tiles, tiling, toothy, view from front, vitality, vividness, wall, walls
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