dairymaid porcesses fresh milk to aromatic alp cheese, report, The cut milk is lifted out of the bowl and is processed to a loaf,
Image Number 06399132
Description dairymaid porcesses fresh milk to aromatic alp cheese, report, The cut milk is lifted out of the bowl and is processed to a loaf,
License Typ RM
Recording Date17.08.2016
Creditmauritius images / Petra Daisenberger
Model Release Existing
Property Release Existing
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60.2 MB (uncompressed ), 21 MP
3744 x 5616 pixel, 31.7 cm x 47.55 cm @ 300 dpi
accessories, activity, agriculture, alacritous, alimentation, aliments, alp, alps, apparatus, apparatuses, appliance, appliances, artifact, austria, austrian, barnyard, bio, blithesomeness, brewing, cabin, caldera, casual appearance, cheerful, cheery, cheese, cheese-manufacture, cheese manufacture, cheese production, chore, close-up, closeup, close up view, cloth, cook, cooking, cooperative, copper, copper kettles, coppery, cordial, cottage, country life, country living, court, craft, crafts, crane, cream, creamery, cu, culture, cultures, cupreous, dairy, dairy factory, dairy food, dairy produce, dairy product, dairy products, detail, dimensionses, dining, documentation, doing, drapery, eat, eatables, eating, edibles, elevate, elevating, elevation, equipment, etchable, fabric, fabrication, fabrics, farm, farming, farmstead, farmsteads, feeding, feeds, females, ffi feature, ffifeature, ffi sequence, ffisequence, finca, food, food preparation, food starch, food starches, foodstuff, foodstuffs, force, form, forming, forms, fortunate, gladness, glee, gleeful, grange, handcraft, handicraft, handwork, happy, hard cheese, high format, hoop, hoops, human being, humans, husbandry, hut, implement, inner-tube, inner-tubes, inner tube, innertube, inner tubes, innertubes, intensity, item, items, job, jolly, kate, kerchief, kitchen, knob, life in the countryside, lift, lifting, lifts, lift up, loaf, loaves, lodge, lucky, making, manufacture, manufacturer, manufacturers, manufactures, mass, materials, matured, mature years, maturity, meal, measurement, mellow, merrily, milk, milk product, milk products, mode, mold, molding, molds, mould, moulding, moulds, mountain pasture, natural, naturally, naturalness, nourishment, nourishments, nutriments, nutrition, nutritional, nutritions, object, objects, occupat, occupate, occupation, occupations, occupation world, paraphernalia, part of, people, peoples, person, persons, picking up, power, powerful, preparation, preparations, prepare, preparing, press, pressing, processes, processing, prod., produces, production, profession, professional lives, professional occupation, psyched, rag, raise, raising, report, retro, ripen, ripened, ripens, rise, rising, serial, series, shape, shapes, shaping, skilled trade, skilled trades, skims off, slice cheese, starch, starches, strength, strong, sturdy, substances, supplies, sway, the alps, thing, tire, tires, to lift, tool, tool kit, tool object, tools, trade, two, tyre, tyres, upright, utensil, utensils, vertical, vibrant, vocation, warm, warm tone, warm tones, weight measurements, wheel, woman, women, work, work appliance, working, work tool, yard
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