Young couple in love at home, portrait
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Description Young couple in love at home, portrait
License Typ RM
Recording Date14.03.2017
Creditmauritius images / Hannah L | Lebendige Fotografie
Model Release Existing
Property Release Existing
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4000 x 2667 pixel, 33.87 cm x 22.58 cm @ 300 dpi
aerial photographing, aerial view, affair, affection, affectionate, affections, allure, allurement, alluring, amorously, amorousness, asleep, at home, auspiciousness, bird's-eye view, blissful, blithesomeness, blond, blonde, blonde hair, blond hair, bond, bonding, brown-hairy, brown hair, brown haired, brownhaired, brunette, brunettes, brunnette, caress, caresses, caressing, close, closeness, close to, combine, compound, connecter, connection, connectivity, connector, couching, couple, delicate, dormancy, emotion, emotions, entice, enticement, enticing, fair-haired, fallen asleep, fallen in love, feeling, feelings, felicity, floor, flooring, fondling, fondness, fortunate, fortune, from above, gleeful, good fortune, ground, grounds, hand in hand, happiness, happy, harmonic, harmonious, harmony, high-angle shot, high-angle view, high angle shot, high angle view, hold hand, hold hands, holding each other by the hand, holding hands, home, home life, homestead, in-love, indoor, indoor photo, indoors, indoor shot, in love, inside, interior, interior shot, interior view, lay, lay down, laying, laying down, lie, linking, little hand holds, long-haired, long hair, longhair, long haired, love, loved, loves, loving, luck, lucky, lying, lying down, man, near, nearby, next to, nod, pair, pairs, parquet floor, parquet flooring, parquet ground, partner, partners, partnership, petting, proximities, proximity, relation, relationship, repose, roost, seduce, seducing, seduction, sentiment, sentiments, shuteye, sleep, sleeping, sleeping in, sleeps, stationary as little hand, stroke, stroking, t-shirt, t-shirts, tee-shirt, tee-shirts, teeshirt, tee shirt, tee shirts, teeshirts, tempted, tempting, tender, tenderly, tenderness, to love, touch, touches, touching, tshirt, t shirt, t shirts, unison, white, white color, white colour, wispy, woman, young, younger
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