Alternate bridal couple outside
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Description Alternate bridal couple outside
License Typ RM
Recording Date28.09.2016
Creditmauritius images / Hannah L | Lebendige Fotografie
Model Release Existing
Property Release Not existing
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29.9 MB (uncompressed ), 10.5 MP
3960 x 2640 pixel, 33.53 cm x 22.35 cm @ 300 dpi
Special Instructions nur redaktionelle Nutzung / editorial use only
affection, antique car, antique cars, attractiveness, auspiciousness, auto, automobile, barnyard, beauty, betrothed, black-haired, blond, blonde, blonde hair, blond hair, bohemian, bouquet of flowers, bouquets, bridal couple, bridal couples, bridal gown, bride, bride and groom, bride car, bride dress, bridegroom, bridegrooms, bunch of flowers, car, classic car, classic cars, closed eye, closed eyes, closedeyes, confidence, couple, curled hair, curls, curly-haired, curly hair, curly haired, dark-haired, dark hair, dark haired, decided, decisiveness, determination, done embroidery, embroider, embroidered, embroidery, eyes closed, eyes shut, fair-haired, faith, familiarity, farm, farmstead, farmsteads, felicity, finca, floral bouquet, flower-bouquets, flower arrangements, flower bouquet, flower garland, foregone, fortune, full suit, good fortune, grange, groom, half-length, half figure, half length, half portrait, halfportrait, happiness, laugh, laughing, laughter, laughters, long-haired, long hair, longhair, long haired, love, loves, loving, luck, marriage, matrimony, medium close-up, medium close up, medium closeup, medium shot, needlework, needling, newlyweds, old-timers, pair, pairs, reliance, rely, resolute, resolved, romance, romantic, romantical, romantically, romantic charme, romanticism, semi-portrait, sewing, shut eyes, suit, suits, three-quarter length, three-quaters view, three-quater view, to love, tress, tresses, trust, unconventional, vintage car, vintage cars, vw bus, waist-up, waist up, wedding, wedding car, wedding dress, wedding gown, wedlock, white, white color, white colour, woman, woo, wooing, young, younger
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