Red crashing arrow in front of blue abyss at rain with flying sheets of paper
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Description Red crashing arrow in front of blue abyss at rain with flying sheets of paper
License Typ RM
Recording Date26.08.2017
Creditmauritius images / Peter Graf
Model Release No permission needed
Property Release No permission needed
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206.8 MB (uncompressed ), 72.3 MP
10000 x 7227 pixel, 84.67 cm x 61.19 cm @ 300 dpi
abysm, abyss, annihilation, arduous, bank crisis, bankruptcy, bear market, bereavement, blackisch-brown, blanks, blast, break up, broke, bureaucracy, caricature, cartoon, cartoons, catastrophic, chaos, chaotic, chunks, clump, clumps, colorful, coloring, color red, colourful, colouring, colour red, computer trade, course decay, course fall, crash, crashed, crevice, crisis, dark, dark-red, dark brown, dark red, decay, decaying, declined, declines, deep-brown, deep brown, degeneration, descent, destiny, destroyed, destruction, destructive, deteriorate, deteriorated, deteriorating, devaluation, developing, development, developmental, diagram, diagrams, dilapidated, disappoint, disappointed, disappointment, disastrous, disposal, disrepair, downward, downwards, drafting, drawing, economica, economics, economy, ecplosion, end, ending, euro crisis, exploded, explodes, explosion, explosions, extreme, extremely, extreme weather, failure, fatal, fatally, fate, ferocious, fierce, finance, finances, financial, financials, fiscal crisis, flash, foliage, for sale, fortune, graffiti, graphic, gravel, greenery, grimly, havoc, hell fall, hurricane, illustration, illustrations, insolvency, insolvent, leafage, leaves, lightning, lightnings, limp, line, lines, loss, losses, lump, market, math, mathematics, maths, messy, monetary, money, multicolored, multicoloured, negative, painted image, painting, panic, paper bows, precipice, precipitous, printed forms, probability, progression, quotation, red, red color, red colour, ruin, ruinous, sale, sales, sell, selling, severe storms, severe weather, share, share purchase, shares, slump, slump in prices, splint, splinters, standard form, standard forms, steep, steepness, stock-exchange dealings, stock dealing, stock exchange, stock exchange quotation, stock exchanges, stock exchange trading, stock jobbing, stockjobbing, stock market crash, stock market price, stock market prices, storm, tag sale, tempest, thunder-storm, thunderstorm, tolerance, town market, turbulence, vector, vend, vending, vendor, waist down, wasting away, wilt, windstorm, wrecked
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