laid table, plate, cutlery and glasses
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Description laid table, plate, cutlery and glasses
License Typ RM
Recording Date17.03.2014
Creditmauritius images / Axel Killian
Model Release No permission needed
Property Release No permission needed
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56.7 MB (uncompressed ), 19.8 MP
5616 x 3531 pixel, 47.55 cm x 29.9 cm @ 300 dpi
abandoned, abandoning, abandonment, above view, aerial photographing, aerial view, aged, ancient, anciently, antiquated, areas, back of chair, backrest, barren, bird's-eye view, bright, catering, central perspective, chair, chair rest, chairs, chaste, command, concealed, concept, consumption, convenience, cutlery, deserted, desertion, desk, desolate, dining, dining area, dining room, dining rooms, dish, drinking glass, drinking glasses, eat, eating, eight, eighth, emblematical, empty, fare, flat, flatware, food, foods, fork, forlorn, from above, gastronomy, glas, glass, glass cup, glasses of water, glass of water, glass tumbler, groomed, grub, guest, guests, high-angle shot, high-angle view, high angle shot, high angle view, homebred, icon, iconic, idea, implement, indoor photo, indoors, indoor shot, indulgence, instruction, interior, interior shot, interior view, interiour photo, interiour photos, interiour shots, internal space, invitation, invitations, invites, knife, knives, leave, leaving, light-coloured, loneliness, lonesome, lonesomeness, lucid, lumber, maintained, manicured, masked, meager, meager ness, meagre, meal, mediate, merely, nobody, no people, nourishment, old, old-fashioned, old fashion, old fashioned, order, orderly, patterning, photo studio, plain, plate, plate of, plates, pleasure, porcelain, prepared dish, prepare dish, repast, representative, restaurant, room, rooms, rustic, scanty, silverware, simple, simplicity, simply, snuggery, space, sparse, spreaded, still-life, still-lifes, stillife, still life, stilllife, stilllifes, still lifes, still lives, stills, studio, studio-shot, studio photo, studio photograph, studio photographies, studio photographs, studio shooting, studio shot, symbolic, symbolical, symbolism, symbol picture, symbols, table, table plate, table top, tabletop, tabletops, texture, timber, tumbler, turn one's back, uncluttered, unfashionable, vacant, view from above, view from inside, void, wait, wait-and-see, waiting, waits, water glass, well-groomed, well groomed, well kept, white, white color, white colour, within building, wood, wooden chair, wooden desk, wooden table, wooden tabletop, wood table, zone
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