Iceland in winter, bird's eye view, energy production in a geothermal field
Image Number 06924555
Description Iceland in winter, bird's eye view, energy production in a geothermal field
License Typ RM
Recording Date26.02.2017
Creditmauritius images / Irma van der Wiel
Model Release No permission needed
Property Release Not existing
File size
94.8 MB (uncompressed ), 33.2 MP
7052 x 4701 pixel, 59.71 cm x 39.8 cm @ 300 dpi
aerial photographing, aerial view, aerial views, aeroplane, aircraft, aircraft pilot, airman, airplane, aloft, altitude, arctic, arctic circle, atlantic, atlantic ocean, aviator, aviators, beautiful, beautifully, beauty, bird's-eye view, bird's eye view, birds perspective, blast-off, blast off, blastoff, bright, calm, calmly, calmness, chilliness, chilling, chillness, chilly, cloud, clouded, cloudiness, clouding, clouds, cloudy, cold, colder, coldness, contemplative, countryside, daytime, desolate, distance, distress, elevation, energetic, energies, energy, expanse, eye sight, falling rain, february, flight, flights, fly, flyer, flying, force, fount, free, freedom, from above, generating plant, geothermal, geothermal energy, gray, grays, grey, greys, heat, heaven, heavenly, height, high, high-angle shot, high-angle view, high angle shot, high angle view, horizon, hot, hotly, hotness, hot spring, hot springs, hottest, hush, iceland, landscape, lanky, launch, lessen, liberty, lift-off, lift-offs, lift off, liftoff, light, light-coloured, light-mood, light mood, lone, loneliness, lonely, lonesome, lonesomeness, look, lucid, minus-degrees, mirror, mirror image, mirroring, mirrors, more volcanically, moxie, natural scenery, ocean, oceanside, of execution, origin, overcast, overclouded, panoramic view, panoramic views, peacefulness, pilot, placidity, plane, planes, polar circle, power, power and energy, powerhouse, power plant, powerplant, power station, precipitation, precipitations, pretty, quiescence, quiet, quietness, quite, rain, rainfall, reflect, reflection, reflections, reflexion, released, repose, resource, rut, secluded, seclusion, serene, silence, silver, silver-colored, silver-coloured, silver colored, silver colors, silver coloured, silver skinned, silvery, sky, snow, solitariness, solitary, solitude, source, south-coast, south coast, south west, springs, starts, steam, steams, steamy, still, stillness, strength, sulfur, sulphur, sultry, sun, sun-flare, sun flare, sun light, sunlight, sway, take-off, take-offs, takeoff, take off, take offs, takeoffs, taking off, tall, thermal park, thermal parks, thermal spring, thermal streams, tranquil, tranquile, tranquility, tranquillity, upside, up to, upwards, vacant, vanity mirror, vapor, vapour, vastness, vision, volcanic, volcano island, volcano landscape, vulcano island, warmth, water, water-surface, water-vapour, water surface, water vapor, water vapour, weather, weather front, wellspring, winter, winters, winter time, wintertime, yellow
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