Small flowers coming out big - pastel colors, soft and romantic.
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Description Small flowers coming out big - pastel colors, soft and romantic.
License Typ RM
Recording Date24.08.2017
Creditmauritius images / Petra Daisenberger
Model Release No permission needed
Property Release No permission needed
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51.3 MB (uncompressed ), 17.9 MP
5184 x 3456 pixel, 43.89 cm x 29.26 cm @ 300 dpi
absorbed in thought, abstract, abstractly, abstracts, abstract shape, adorned, affection, affectionate, ambience, ambient, and, arrival, atmosphere, backdrop, background, backgrounds, bemuse, bemused, big, bkgd, bloom, blooming, blooms, blossom, blossoming, blossoms, botanic, botanics, botany, bouquet, bright, brightly-colored, brightly-coloured, briskness, bunch, caressing, casual appearance, close-up, close-up view, close up, closeup, close up part, close up view, color, colored, colorful, color green, color pink, colors, colour, coloured, colourful, colour green, colour pink, colours, complete, completely, concept, copy-space, copy space, copyspace, copy spaces, cordial, cut-out, cutouts, decorated, decoration, decorative, deep in thougt, deep in thougts, delicate, delicately, detail, details, distress, dream, dream-like, dream away, dreaming, dreams, dreamy, dyed, emotion, empty space, empty spaces, entire, extreme close-up, fantasias, fantasy, feeling, feelings, filigree, fine, flora, floral, florescence, flourish, flourishing, flower, flowered, flowering, flowers, flowery, fresh, freshly, freshness, full, ganz, garden, gardens, glaring, gleaming, glimm, glowing, glows, gold, golden, grass, green, green color, green colour, green grass, humor, hypodensity, idea, idyll, idyllic, idyllically, illuminating, illusion, illusions, imagination, imaginations, in bloom, in flower, insulate, isolated, lanky, large, light, light-coloured, lightning, little, lost in thought, lost in thoughts, love, loves, loving, low density, lucent, lucid, luminescent, macro, macroscopic shot, magenta, mauve, meadow, mild, mildly, minor, mood, moods, more mildly, multi-colored, multi-coloured, multicolored, multicoloured, natural, natural area, natural environment, naturally, naturalness, nature, nobody, no people, optical illusion, optical illusions, ornamental, ornamentation, ornate, ostrich, other background, part of, pastel, pastel colored, pastel coloured, pastels, pattern, patterns, pink, pink color, pink colour, pinky, plant, plant life, plantlife, plants, plant world, postcard motive, preoccupied, presentation, purple, radiate, refulgence, retro, reverie, romance, romantic, romantical, romantically, romantic charme, romanticism, rose, roses, rosey, rosy, scene, sentiment, sentiments, shining, shiny, sized, small, soft, softly, softness, soft pink, space for text, spring, spring-time, spring time, springtime, still-life, still-lifes, stillife, still life, stilllife, still lifes, stilllifes, still lives, stills, structural, structure, structures, summer, summertime, sun-flare, sun flare, sun light, sunlight, tall, temper, temperate, tender, tenderly, texture, textured, textures, tight shot, tinted, to love, type od structure, type of structure, vintage, violaceous, violet, warm, warm tone, warm tones, watercolor, watercolors, white, white color, white colour, whole, wispy, yellow
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