Reed reflecting in the lake surface, fog landscape
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Reed reflecting in the lake surface, fog landscape

License Typ RM
Recording Date11.03.2016
Creditmauritius images / Petra Daisenberger
Model Release No permission needed
Property Release No permission needed
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5616 x 3744 pixel, 47.55 cm x 31.7 cm @ 300 dpi
afield, alps, atmospheric, backcountry, background, backlight, backlit, being mystical, blurred, blurred motion, blurrily, blurriness, blurry, bright, calm, calmness, chilliness, chilling, chillness, chilly, cold, colder, coldness, contre-jour, countryside, damp, defocussed, diffuse, dunst, exterior, fog, foggy, freeze, freezing, frost, frosty, frozen, frozen state, full of atmosphere, fume, fuzzy, gelidly, germany, haze, hazy, heaven, hike, hiking, hypodensity, isolate, isolation, lake, landscape, light-coloured, loneliness, lonesomeness, low density, lucid, melancholia, melancholic, melancholically, melancholy, mild, mildly, mirror image, mirroring, mist, mistful, misty, misty sky, moody, more mildly, mountain hiking, mournful, mystic, mystical, mysticism, natural area, natural environment, nature, nebulous, nobody, no people, outdoor, outdoors, out of focus, outside, pastel, pastel colored, pastel coloured, pastels, plastics, presentation, quiet, quietness, quite, reed, reed grass, reeds, reedy, reflection, reflexion, remote, remoteness, romance, romantic, romantical, romantically, romantic charme, romanticism, scene, sculpture, season, seasons, secluded, seclusion, secreted, serene, serenity, silence, sky, soft, softly, softness, solitariness, solitude, somber, temperate, tender, the alps, tranquil, tranquility, tranquillity, tranquill scene, tranquil scene, transmitted light, tree, unclear, unflustered, unfocused, veil, veils, water, water-reflections, water-surface, water feature, water reflecting, water reflection, water surface, weather, white, white color, white colour, winter, winterly, winter mood, winter panorama, winters, winter season, winter time, wintertime, wintery, wintry
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