Portrait of a woman overlaid with blossoms
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Description Portrait of a woman overlaid with blossoms
License Typ RM
Recording Date
Creditmauritius images / Alaya Gadeh
Model Release Existing
Property Release No permission needed
File size
51.7 MB (uncompressed ), 18.1 MP
3611 x 5000 pixel, 30.57 cm x 42.33 cm @ 300 dpi
absorbed in thought, affectionate, asleep, aspiration, aspirations, attractiveness, awareness, beauty, being mystical, bemuse, bemused, blooming, blooms, blossom, blossoming, blossom leave, blossom leaves, blossoms, calm, calmly, calmness, caressing, closed eye, closed eyes, closedeyes, cogitate, cogitating, color pink, color purple, colour pink, colour purple, composing, composite images, composite photo, consciousness, contemplating, contemplation, conviction, deep in thougt, deep in thougts, delicate, digital composite, dormancy, dream, dream-like, dream away, dreaming, dreams, dreamy, easy, esotericism, esoterism, eyes closed, eyes shut, face, fallen asleep, fantasias, fantasy, female face, female faces, femalehood, feminine, femininity, feminity, flowering, flower petal, flower petals, flowers, glassy, head-shot, head and shoulders, head shot, headshot, head shots, headshots, humans, hypodensity, imagination, imaginations, intellectuality, lightly, lilac, limpid, lips, longing, lost in thought, lost in thoughts, low density, meditate, meditates, meditating, meditation, meditation practice, meditation practices, montage, mouth, muse, musing, mysterious, mystic, mystical, mysticism, nod, non-opaque, non opaque, overlayed, pastel, pastel colored, pastel coloured, pastels, peacefulness, pellucid, pensive, pensiveness, people, persons, petal, petals, pink, pink color, pink colour, pinky, placidity, plants, ponder, portrait, portraits, portraiture, preoccupied, purple, quiescence, quietness, red lips, repose, reverie, roost, rosey, rosy, see-through, see thru, shoulders-up, shoulders up, shuteye, shut eyes, silence, sleep, sleeping, sleeping in, sleeps, soft, soft pink, speculate, speculating, spiritualism, spirituality, stillness, tender, tenderly, thinking, thoughtful, thoughtfulness, thoughts, to meditate, tranquil, tranquility, tranquillity, translucent, transparency, transparent, visage, wishful, wispy, woman's face, woman's faces, women face, yearning
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