A big dog looking over a wall and observing the surroundings
Image Number 07348622
Description A big dog looking over a wall and observing the surroundings
License Typ RM
Recording Date13.04.2017
Creditmauritius images / Petra Daisenberger
Model Release No permission needed
Property Release No permission needed
File size
50.1 MB (uncompressed ), 17.5 MP
5127 x 3418 pixel, 43.41 cm x 28.94 cm @ 300 dpi
a, active, actively, alert, alertness, alone, ambiance, animal, animal mouth, animals, anterior view, area, at home, atmosphere, attentive, balconies, balcony, balustrade, bernhardiner, big, bricking, brickwork, buidlings, building, buildings, building structure, cable, cables, canine, caring, city, clothes line, clothesline, concentrated, construction, curiosity, curious, distress, dog, domestic animal, domestic animals, domesticated animal, domestic pet, domicile, edifice, edifices, europe, exterior, exterior view, facade, fade, focused, focussed, forefront, front, frontal, frontal opinion, front angle view, front paws, front profile, front range, front view, hand rail, handrail, hand rails, handrails, head-on, head-on view, head on, head on view, holiday, holidays, home, home life, homes, homestead, house, house front, household pet, household pets, house pet, individual, intent, journey, kabel, lanky, large, locality, location, mammal, mammalia, mammalian, masonry, mural, muzzle, nobody, no people, observant, observation, observe, observing, one, outdoor, outdoors, pads, paladin, parapet, patio, paw, paws, paying attention, pedigree dog, pedigree dogs, pet, pet race, pets, place, protect, protecting, protectors, race dog, race dogs, saint bernhard, separate, single, site, sized, small town, snout, solo, spain, spanish, spectating, st.bernhard, stonework, surrounding, surroundings, tall, tend, terrace, travel, un, vacation, view from front, vigilance, vigilant, village, wall, washing line, watch, watched over, watchful, watching, watching out, wire, wires, yap, zone
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