Shopping, Shopping Basket, Nutrition, Health, Healthy Food, Fruits and Vegetables
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Description Shopping, Shopping Basket, Nutrition, Health, Healthy Food, Fruits and Vegetables
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Recording Date10.03.2013
Creditmauritius images / Nora Frei
Model Release Existing
Property Release No permission needed
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1 people, 1 person, 30's, 30-35 years, 30-40 years, 35-40 years, 40-45 years old, 40-50 years, 40-50 years old, 40s, about fourty, adherence, adult, adult of, adult only, adults, adults of, adults only, aliment, alimentation, aliments, alone, anonymities, anonymity, anonymous, a person, appetite, apple, apples, assorted, assortment, assortments, aubergine, aubergines, balanced diet, banana, bananas, basic food, basket, baskets, bearing, bell-pepper, bell pepper, bell peppers, bio, blent, briskness, buy, buying, carry, carrying, caucasian people, caucasian person, caucasians, cauliflower, cauliflowers, choices, choose, choosing, choosy, close-up view, close up, close up part, colorful, colourful, consumption, cutting edge, dial, dialing, dialling, dining, diverse, diversity, eat, eatables, eating, eco-friendly, eco friendly, ecofriendly, ecological, ecological awareness, ecologically friendly, edibles, egg-plant, egg-plants, eggplant, eggplants, enliven, environmental consciousness, environmentally acceptable, environmentally friendly, environmetally compatible, exterior, fare, farmer's market, farmers' market, farmers market, feeding, feeds, female, femalely, fennel, fit, food, foods, foodstuff, foodstuffs, fresh, freshly, freshness, fruit, fruit and veg, fruit and vegetables, fruits, fundamental, germany, goods, grown, grown-up, grown-ups, grown up, grownup, grown ups, grownups, grub, handle, health, health-conscious, health conscious, health consciously, health consciousness, healthful, healthy, healthy eaing, healthy food, healthy nutrition, hold, holding, holding on, hold on, holds, humans, hunger, hungry, individual, keep, legumes, lettuces, market, mature people, meal, merchandise, misc, miscellaneous, mix, mixed, more differently, multicolored, multicoloured, natural area, natural environment, nature, non-polluting, nonpolluting, nourishment, nourishments, nutriment, nutriments, nutrishment, nutrition, nutrition-conscious, nutrition-consciousness, nutritional, nutritions, one, one-person, one person, one person only, only one person, outdoor, outdoor market, outdoors, packing, paprika, paprika powder, paprikas, people, people 1, pepper, peppers, person 1, persons, plurality, prepared dish, prepare dish, purchase, purchase basket, purchase baskets, purchases, repast, retain, retaining, rich in vitamins, salad, salads, salutary, sanitary measure, select, selecting, selection, separate, shopper basket, shopping, shopping basket, shopping spree, shopping sprees, shopping trip, single, single person, solanum melongena, solo, sustainable, sustenance, sweet pepper, sweet peppers, tight shot, tomato, tomatoes, tomatos, town market, truncated, variegated, variety, vegetable, vegetables, vegetarian, veggies, vitamin, vitamin-rich, vitamins, vits, ware, wares, wear, wearing, weekly farmers' market, weekly market, wellfood, wholesome, woman, womanly
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