Couple sitting, woman at man's back, close
Image Number05357036

Couple sitting, woman at man's back, close

License Typ RM
Recording Date14.03.2015
Creditmauritius images / Rocha
Model Release Existing
Property Release No permission needed
File size
60.2 MB (uncompressed ), 21 MP
3744 x 5616 pixel, 31.7 cm x 47.55 cm @ 300 dpi
2 people, 2 persons, affection, ajar, attractiveness, back, background gray, background grey, backs, balance, balanced, beautiful, beautifully, beauty, behind, black-haired, blacks, blond, blonde, blonde hair, blond hair, calm, caucasian, chill, comfort, comfy, concealed, confidence, confident, couple, dark-haired, dark-skin, dark-skinned, dark hair, dark haired, dark skin, dark skinned, darky, direct gaze, dorsal, easy-going, easy going, equalized, equilibrium, eyes to camera, facing camera, fair-haired, flesh, floor, flooring, gray background, grey background, ground, grounds, harmonic, harmonious, harmony, head-shot, head and shoulders, head shot, headshot, head shots, headshots, homely, in back, in harm's way, in harms way, interact, interacting, interaction, interactions, intimate, laid-back, leaned, leaning, leaning against, leaning back, leaning on, lean on, light-skinned, lighthearted, light skin, light skinned, looking at camera, looking at lens, love, loves, loving, man, masked, muscle, muscles, musculature, nakedness, nudity, pair, people 2, photo studio, poise, portrait, portraits, portraiture, pretty, quiet, recline, reclined, reclining, relaxation, relaxing, seat, seated, self-assured, self-assuredness, self-confidence, self-confident, self-conscious, self-esteem, self-reliance, self assurance, self confident, self reliance, serene, serene people, serenity, sexappeal, sexy, shoulders-up, shoulders up, sit, sits, sitting, sitting down, spreaded, stand, standing, stands, staring at lens, studio, studio-shot, studio photo, studio photograph, studio photographies, studio photographs, studio shooting, studio shot, supported, supporting, swarthy, taking it easy, the back, to love, to sit, to stand, to the camera, two, two people, two people only, two persons, unclothed, undercover, unison, unperturbed, unruffled, weighed, well-balanced, white-skinned, white skin, white skinned, woman
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