Projection, plants in glass ball
Image Number 05794762
Description Projection, plants in glass ball
License Typ RM
Recording Date11.11.2014
Creditmauritius images / Ypps
Model Release No permission needed
Property Release No permission needed
File size
54.2 MB (uncompressed ), 18.9 MP
5330 x 3553 pixel, 45.13 cm x 30.08 cm @ 300 dpi
abandoned, abandoning, abandonment, ability to see, agriculture, ambience, analysis, begin, beginning, beginnings, bullets, care, care for, careful, caring, center of interest, close-up view, close up, close up part, cogitate, cogitating, color green, colour green, conservation of the environment, contemplating, contemplation, copy-space, copy space, copyspace, copy spaces, countryside, cover, deserted, desertion, desolate, detail, earth, eco, empty space, empty spaces, environment, environmental, environmental conservation, environmentalism, environmental protection, environments, examine, examining, exploratory, explore, exploring, eye sight, eyesight, farming, focal point, focus, focuses, forlorn, future, futurity, glass, glass-house, glass ball, glass case, glasshouse, glassy, globe, green, green color, green colour, greenhouse, green house, greenhouses, green living, grow, growing, growth, growths, guard, hold, holding, holds, hot-house, hothouse, husbandry, increase, indoor photo, indoors, indoor shot, interior, interior shot, interior view, interiour photo, interiour photos, interiour shots, internal space, inverted, investigating, investigation, keep, landscape, leaf, leave, leaving, limpid, loneliness, lonesome, lonesomeness, look, meditate, meditating, mirror, mirror image, mirroring, mirrors, muse, musing, natural area, natural environment, natural scenery, nature, nature conservation, nobody, no people, orb, orbs, parental care, part of, pellucid, pensive, pensiveness, plants, ponder, protect, protected, protecting, protection, protection-wrap, protection of nature, protective, protects, reflect, reflection, reflections, reflexion, research, researching, safe, safeguard, safeguarding, searches, season, seasons, secured, securing, see-through, see thru, sheet, sheltered, shield, show-case, show case, soil, space for text, speculate, speculating, sphere, spring, spring-time, springtime, spring time, start, starting, thinking, thoughtful, thoughtfulness, thoughts, tight shot, trademarked, translucent, transparency, transparent, tree, turned back, turn one's back, vanity mirror, view from inside, vision, visions, visual faculty, within building, world, zona pellucida, zona pellucidas
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