3d, CGI, [M], symbol, Co2, wind energy, pollutant
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3d, CGI, [M], symbol, Co2, wind energy, pollutant

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Creditmauritius images / cgimanufaktur
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accident, accomplishment, accomplishments, achievement, adversity, aeolian energy, agrarian economy, agriculture, air, airing, alternate energies, alternate energy, alternative, alternative energies, alternative energy, alternatives, alters, ambiance, ambience, apprehensive, arable farming, array, asset, atmosphere, bad luck, benefit, bio, bio-engineered, bio-fuels, bio fuel, biofuel, biofuels, biologic, biological, biomass fuel, bright, build-up, building, building structure, buildup, calamity, capacity, carbon, change, change of climate, changes, cherish, cherishing, clean, cleaning, cleanse, cleansed, climate, climate change, climate changes, combustible, concept, conservation, construction, contaminant, contaminants, contamination, crude oil, danger, danger situation, deciduous, disaster, disposition, distressed, e.e.g., eco, eco-friendly, eco friendly, ecofriendly, ecological, ecological awareness, ecologically friendly, ecology, eeg, effectiveness, efficiency, efficient, electric, electrical, electric current, electric currents, electricity, electricity production, electric power, emissions, energetic, energies, energy, energy policy, engineering, environment, environmental, environmental consciousness, environmentally acceptable, environmentally friendly, environment friendly, environments, environmetally compatible, eolian energy, esteem, esteeming, ethanol, exhaust, exhaust fume, fading, farming, field, focus techniques, food starch, food starches, force, fossil oil, fuel, fuel price, gain, gas costs, gasoline, gasoline price, gas prices, generates, generating plant, generator, gloabl warming, global warming, green electricity, green energy, greenhouse effect, green living, harm, harvests, hazard, hazardous, husbandry, icon, idea, impurity, installation, intensity, jeopardy, light-coloured, lineup, location, looks after, low technology, lucid, maintain, maintaining, menace, menacing, mess, mineral oil, misfortune, moxie, mutated, natural area, natural environment, nature, non-polluting, nonpolluting, of execution, organic, organically, output, oxygen, parlous, performance, peril, perishable, pestilent, petrol, petroleum, place mat, place mats, placement, pollutant, pollutants, polluting, pollution, power, power and energy, powerful, power generation, powerhouse, power industry, power plant, powerplant, power station, price of petrol, profit, propeller, propellers, ramification, regenerative, renewable, renewable energy, renewable resource, renewable resources, resource, resources, risk, risk-taking, risk taking, risktaking, risky, rotate, rotates, rotating, rotor, set, set-up, sorrow, sorrowful, spinning, starch, starches, strength, strong, sturdy, substainable energies, supply, sustainability, sustainable, sustainable energy, sway, symbol picture, technic, technical, technique, technological, technology, tempo, tending, threat, threatening, threatens, tidiness, toxic element, transient, transitory, troubled, troubles, turbine, turbines, twirl, unsafe, velocity, volatile, wind, wind energy, wind energy plant, wind farm, windfarm, windfarms, wind generator, windmill farm, wind park, wind power, wind power plant, wind strength, wind strength installations, wind turbine, wind turbines, worried, worries, worry, worrying
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