Berchtesgaden, Alps, Ramsau, Klausbachtal, suspension bridge, hiker
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Berchtesgaden, Alps, Ramsau, Klausbachtal, suspension bridge, hiker

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Recording Date10.09.2018
Creditmauritius images / Rocha
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1 person, 40's, 40-50 years, 40s, 45-50 years, accoutrement, active, activity, adult, adult of, adults, adults of, adults only, advancement, advancements, adventure, adventures, afferent, afield, aim, alacritous, alone, alpinist, alpinists, alps, ambition, amusement, arduous, ascension, ascent, attached, away from it all, backcountry, backpack, back pack, backpacking, balustrade, banister, bannister, bavaria, beautiful, beautifully, beauty, biosphere preserve, blithe, blithesomeness, blue sky, bonding, bridge, building, building structure, calmness, casual activity, cheerful, chill, clannish, cliff, climber, combine, compound, concatenated, connect, connected, connecter, connecting, connection, connectivity, connector, construction, contemplative, countryside, coupled, destination, end, enhancement, enjoyment, equipment, equipments, equipped, extreme sport, extreme sports, footpath, forest, fortunate, free-time, freetime, free time, full-body, full-length, full-length shot, full body, fun, gear, germany, gladness, glee, gleeful, go, goal, going, going up, grown, grown-up, grown-ups, grown up, grownup, grown ups, grownups, hand rail, handrail, hand rails, handrails, happy, having fun, highland, highlife, high valley, hike, hiker, hikers, hiking, hiking-trail, hiking holidays, hiking trail, hiking vacation, holiday, holidays, idyll, idyllic, idyllically, in motion, in touch, introspective, isolate, isolation, jolly, journey, klaus-brook, klaus-brook-valley, knapsack, leisure, leisure activity, leisure time, lime, lime alps, limestone, link, linking, lucky, mature people, mellow, merrily, montane landscape, motion, mount, mountain, mountain climber, mountain climbers, mountain climbing, mountaineer, mountaineering, mountain forest, mountain hike, mountain hikers, mountain hiking, mountain landscape, mountain panorama, mountain range, mountains, mountainscape, mountain sport, mountain valley, movement, moving activity, nationally park, national park, natural area, natural environment, nature, np, one person, one person only, only one person, on one, on the move, open air, outdoor, outdoor activity, outdoor lifestyle, outdoor pursuit, outdoors, panoramic view, panoramic views, paraphernalia, passtime, passtimes, pastime, pastimes, pathway, pretty, protected forest, psyched, purpose, quality-time, quality time, quite, rambler, Ramsau, reason-badly-horns, recreation, recreation activity, recreational, recreational activity, recreational pursuit, relation, relaxation, relaxing, remote, remoteness, rock, rocks, scenery, secluded, seclusion, secreted, serenity, shining sun, sidewalk, silence, single person, solo, southern germany, spare time, sport, sporting, sports, state park, steep, steepness, summer, summertime, sun-flare, sun flare, sun light, sunlight, sunny, sun shine, sunshine, sun shining, suspension bridge, suspension bridges, swinging bridge, tackle, target, the alps, time-off, tourism, tourism destination, trail, tranquile, tranquility, tranquillity, tranquil scene, travel, travel destination, trekking, upper bavaria, vacation, valley, vanishing point, vanishing point perspective, walk, walking, walkway, wanderer, whole body, whole flesh opinion, woodland, woods
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