Precious stones, stones, minerals, therapy
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Description Precious stones, stones, minerals, therapy
License Typ RM
Recording Date15.02.2005
Creditmauritius images / Nora Frei
Model Release No permission needed
Property Release No permission needed
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3600 x 5400 pixel, 30.48 cm x 45.72 cm @ 300 dpi
affliction, afflictions, ailment, alternative, alternative drug, alternative drugs, alternative medicine, alternative medicines, alternatives, apatite, application, applications, applying, benefaction, beneficence, beneficial, biochem, biochemistry, boon, calcium phosphate, clipping, clipping path, comfort, comfy, curative, cure, cures, curing, cushioned, cut-out, cut out, cutouts, developement, disease, diseases, disorder, drop out, effect, emblematical, energetic, energies, energy, esotericism, esoterism, exert, fit, fixed stone, force, free form-select, gem, gem-stone, gem-stones, gems, gem stone, gemstone, gem stones, gemstones, gem therapy, good deed, handling, heal, healer, healing, health, healthful, healthy, homely, icon, iconic, illness, illnesses, knock out, m.d., malady, medical, medical condition, medical science, medicin, medicinal, medicine, mild, mildly, mineral, minerals, more mildly, moxie, natural healing, natural medicine, natural remedy, naturopathic medicine, naturopathy, no background, no backgrounds, no environment, non-medical practitioners, of execution, plain background, pleasant, power, power and energy, practice, precious stone, processing, public health, released, remedies, remedy, salt, salutary, sanitary measure, semi-precious stone, semi-precious stones, semiprecious stone, sense of well-being, sickness, sicknesses, snug, softly, softness, spa, stone, stones, strength, stroker, sway, symbol, symbol picture, temperate, therapeutic measure, therapies, therapy, the stroker, treat, treatment, treatments, well-being, well being, wellbeing, wellness, white background, white sweep, wholesome
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