Present, box, Merry Christmas, Christmas decoration, wrap up
Image Number07731061

Present, box, Merry Christmas, Christmas decoration, wrap up

License Typ RM
Recording Date04.12.2018
Creditmauritius images / Rocha
Model Release No permission needed
Property Release No permission needed
File size
63.3 MB (uncompressed ), 22.1 MP
5760 x 3840 pixel, 48.77 cm x 32.51 cm @ 300 dpi
above view, admirer, admirers, adorer, adorned, advent, advent-like, a lot of, baked, baked good, baked goods, bakeries, bakery products, bauble, baubles, biscuit cutter, biscuit cutters, box, boxes, bullets, cake and pastries, candy, cardboard box, carton, cartons, case, chistmas decorations, christian tree balls, christmas, christmas-cookies, christmas ball ornament, christmas balls, christmas bauble, christmas baubles, christmas biscuits, christmas cookie, christmas cookies, christmas crackers, christmas decoration, christmas jewelry, christmas ornament, christmas season, christmas time, christmas tree ball, christmas tree balls, christmas tree decoration, christmas tree decorations, close-up, close up view, cohort, color pink, colour pink, contemporary, cookie cutter, cookie cutters, countless, crafters, crate, crowd, cutter, cutters, decorated, decorating, decoration, decorative, devotee, devotees, dining, diy, do-it-yourself, eat, eating, eating tibbits, embellishment, fan, fans, flock, food, four, gift, gift band, gift ribbon, gift ribbons, gifts, give, giving away, globe, gold, golden, having a sweet tooth, home-made christmas biscuits, home improvement, horizontal, horizontal format, horizontal image, hundrets, hutch, landscape format, large group, little cutter, load, lots, make a present, making a present, making presents, many, meal, merry christmas, modern, much, multiple, multitude, munchies, nibbles, nosh, nourishment, opulence, orb, orbs, ornamental, ornamentation, package, package material, packaging, packing, pastries, photo studio, pink, pink color, pink colour, pinky, place form, pre-christmas period, pre-christmas time, pre-christmastime, present, presenting, presents, role, rosemary, rosey, rosy, rustic, seasonable, seasonably, selbstgemacht, several, shortcrust, short pastry, soft pink, sphere, still-life, still-lifes, stillife, still life, stilllife, still lifes, stilllifes, still lives, stills, studio, studio-shot, studio photo, studio photograph, studio photographies, studio photographs, studio shooting, studio shot, supporters, sweet, sweetly, sweet one, tender-dough, titbits, together with, trimmings, up-to-date, velvet, view from above, without people, worshipper, worshippers, wrapping, x-mas, x-mas cookies, yule, yuletide
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