Two business people on skateboards, Frankfurt on the Main, Hessen, Germany
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Description Two business people on skateboards, Frankfurt on the Main, Hessen, Germany
License Typ RM
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Creditmauritius images / Jens Luebkemann
Model Release Existing
Property Release Not existing
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85.9 MB (uncompressed ), 30 MP
6705 x 4476 pixel, 56.77 cm x 37.9 cm @ 300 dpi
20's, 20-30 year old, 20s, 25-30 years, 30's, 30-35 years, 30-40 years, 35-40 years, adolescent, aesthetic, alacritous, amusement, a pair of glasses, athletic, away from it all, black-haired, blithesomeness, blond, blonde, blonde hair, blond hair, blue skies, blue sky, bluesky, bridge, brief case, briefcase, buidlings, building, buildings, business, business buildings, business complex, business premises, button down shirt, career, cheerful, cheery, chemise, chill, chilled out, chilling, chilling out, city view, coat, coils, commercial premises, commute, contemporary, cool, dark-haired, dark hair, dark haired, de-stress, destressing, drive, drives, driving, edifice, edifices, elation, enjoying one's self, enjoyment, express, eye-glass, eye-glasses, eye-wear, eyeglass, eyeglasses, eye glasses, eyewear, fair-haired, fast, fortunate, free-time, free time, freetime, fun, gladness, glee, gleeful, graffiti, happiness, happy, having fun, high-rise, high-rises, high life, highlife, highrise, high rise buildings, hobbies, hobby, human beings, humans, jacket, jolly, joy, joyful, joyous, juvenile, juvenilely, juveniles, laugh, laughing, laughter, laughters, leisure, leisure time, life style, lifestyle, lucky, man, mellow, men, merrily, mobile, mobility, modern, more speedily, multi-storey buildings, multi-story buildings, office-building, office-buildings, pair of glasses, pair of specs, pathway, psyched, quality-time, quality time, quick, quickly, rapid, reading glasses, relaxation, relaxed, relaxes, relaxing, roles, rollers, rolling, rolls, seasonable, seasonably, shirt, sight of the city, skateboarding, skyscraper, skyscrapers, slack, slacking, smile, smiles, smiling, spare time, specs, spectacles, speedy, sporting, sportive, sporty, stoked, styled, stylish, succeeded, success, successful, suit jacket, sun glasses, sunglasses, teenage, teenagers, tempo, time-off, towerblocks, tower blocks, trail, twen, twens, twenties, unwind, up-to-date, urban, urbanity, urban scene, urban view, velocity, view of the town, well arranged, young, younger, young people, young person, youngster, youthful, youths
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