Photographer with Drone in winter
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Description Photographer with Drone in winter
License Typ RM
Recording Date21.01.2019
Creditmauritius images / Novarc Images / Dennis Schmelz
Model Release No permission needed
Property Release No permission needed
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63.3 MB (uncompressed ), 22.1 MP
5760 x 3840 pixel, 48.77 cm x 32.51 cm @ 300 dpi
1 people, 1 person, a, adult, adult male, adult males, adult man, adult men, adult of, adult only, adults, adults of, adults only, alone, a person, apparel, apparels, article of clothing, attire, bedlam, chunks, clothes, clothing, clump, clumps, cogitate, cogitating, contemplating, contemplation, din, dresses, drone, dusk, ease, easily, easiness, easy, europe, european, evening, evening light, exterior, exterior shot, facile, federal republic, federal republic germany, fly, flying, freedom, frg, garment, garments, german, germanize, germans, germany, gotten snowed in, gowns, grown, grown-up, grown-ups, grownup, grown up, grown ups, grownups, habiliment, habiliments, height-train, height train, hilly, homo sapiens, hullabaloo, human, human being, human beings, humanoid, humans, individual, in the evening, journey, kerfuffle, liberty, lightly, lightness, low mountain range, low mountain regions, lump, man, massif, massifs, mature man, mature men, mature people, meditate, meditating, melancholia, melancholic, melancholically, melancholy, mistful, mount, mountain, mountain massif, mountainous, mountain range, mountains, mournful, muse, musing, natural area, natural environment, nature, noise, noisiness, one, one-person, one person, one person only, only adult man, only mature man, only mature men, only one person, open air, outdoor, outdoors, outside, pensive, pensiveness, people, people's, people 1, peoples, person, person 1, person of, persons, persons of, photographer, piece of clothing, ponder, resin, saxony-anhalt, season, seasons, separate, single, single person, snow, snow-capped, snow-clad, snow-covered, snow capped, snowcapped, snowclad, snow clad, snow covered, snowcovered, snowed in, snowed up, snowy, solo, somber, speculate, speculating, sundown, sunset, thinking, thirties, thoughtful, thoughtfulness, thoughts, tourism, touristic, travel, un, vesture, warm clothe, warm clothes, warm clothing, wear, wearing, western europe, winter clothe, winter clothes, winter clothing, winterly, winters, winter time, wintertime, wintery, wintry
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