The Cologne Cathedral, close-up to the blue hour
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Description The Cologne Cathedral, close-up to the blue hour
License Typ RM
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Creditmauritius images / Petra Daisenberger
Model Release No permission needed
Property Release Not existing
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74.3 MB (uncompressed ), 26 MP
6240 x 4160 pixel, 52.83 cm x 35.22 cm @ 300 dpi
afterglow, altitude, ancient, at night, attraction, bank, big city, black, blue hour, blue sky, border marking, bridge, buidlings, building, buildings, building structure, by night, cathedral, center of town, church, church-built, church building, church spire, city, city center, city centre, city tour, city traffic, city trip, city trips, city view, close-up, close up view, cologne, cologne cathedral, cologner, column, construction, contour, contours, crawly, creepy, culture, cultures, cut-out, cutouts, dark, dawn light, destination, details, dismal, distress, domicile, downtown, drab, dusk, dusky, edifice, edifices, editorial only, eerie, eery, europe, evening, evening mood, fade, famous place, forecast, for editorial use only, frightening, german, germany, giving the creeps, gloomy, gothic, gothic-style, gothic style, head and shoulders, headshot, height, high, high format, historic, historical, historic and vintage, historic district, history, hohenzollern bridge, holiday, holidays, horizon, horrifying, house front, house top, housetop, international landmark, international landmarks, in the evening, jimjams, journey, lakeside, landmark, landmarks, lanky, large city, locality, location, locomotion, lookout, memorial, metropolis, mobile, mobility, monument, monumental, monumentally, moving forward, mural, mystic, mystical, night, night time, nighttime, North-Rhine Westfalia, north rhine-westphalia, old, old part of town, old town, only editorial, only editorial use, only for editorial use, outlines, outlook, panel format, panoramic view, panoramic views, perpendicular, pillar, pillars, place, place of excursions, place of interest, places of interest, portrait, portrait format, religion, rhein embankment, rhein river embankment, rhein riverfront, rhine, rhineland, rhine river, river, road, roof, roof top, rooftop, ruhr area, ruhr basin, sacral building, sacral builds, sacral built, sacral construction, scary, seafront, shore, shorefront, sight, sights, sightseeing, silhouette, silhouetted, sinister, site, skyline, somber, spooky, steeple, street, sun down, sundown, sun set, sunset, sunset sky, sun setting, sunsetting, support, supports, tall, tourism, tourism destination, tourist feature, touristic, tourist site, tourist sites, tower, traffic, travel, travel destination, travelling, twilight, uncanny, unesco-world-heritage-site, unesco world heritage site, upright, upside, up to, upwards, urban, urbane, urban habitat, urbanity, urbanization, urban landscape, urban landscapes, urban scene, urban sprawl, urban tourism, urban view, vacation, vertical, vertical format, vertical image, view, village, vintage, visitor attraction, vista, wall, waterscape, waters edge, waterside, window, windows
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