Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Lake Constance, Uhldingen-Mühlhofen, Birnau, pilgrimage church Birnau
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Description Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Lake Constance, Uhldingen-Mühlhofen, Birnau, pilgrimage church Birnau
License Typ RM
Recording Date17.06.2019
Creditmauritius images / Udo Siebig
Model Release No permission needed
Property Release No permission needed
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5504 x 8256 pixel, 46.6 cm x 69.9 cm @ 300 dpi
architecture, attraction, baden-wurttemberg, Baden-Wurttemburg, baden-württemberg, Baden Württemberg, baroque, basilica, bathe, bathing, beach-holidays, beach holidays, beach vacation, beach vacations, beautiful weather, belfry, bell-tower, bell tower, bicycle lane, bicycle lanes, bicycle tour, bicycle trip, bicycle way, bicycling, bike lane, bike path, bike riding, biking, blue, blue color, blue colour, boating, boat tour, boat trip, broad-leafed tree, buidlings, building, buildings, building structure, campanile, catholic, cellars, church, church of pilgrimage, church spire, cistercian, clear sky, cloister, cloister church, cloister churches, cloisters, clouded, cloudless, clouds, color blue, colour blue, construction, convent, countryside, cumulus humilis clouds, deciduous tree, deciduous trees, destination, early-summers, early summer, early summers, edifice, edifices, estate winery, fair-weather, fair-weather clouds, fair weather, famous place, fine weather, flatly, foliage, grape-vine, grape-vines, grape vine, grapevine, grape vines, grapevines, greenery, grew over, grows over, have a bath, having a bath, head swabian, heaven, hike, hiking, hill, hill country, hills, hilly country, holiday, holiday resort, holidays, holidays at the beach, holidays at the seaside, hot weather, international landmark, international landmarks, journey, lake, lake constance, lake constance-circle, lake konstanz, landmark, landmarks, leafage, look-out point, lookout point, minster, monastery, moraine-landscape, moraines, mound, mounds, mountain hiking, native vegetation, natural scenery, nice weather, nobody, no people, observation point, panorama point, parish church, pedaling, pilgrimage church, place of excursions, place of interest, plants, resort, ride a bicycle, riding bycicle, roman, roman catholic, scenery, shining sun, sight, sky, steeple, summer, summer resort, summertime, sunny, sun shine, sunshine, sun shining, take a bath, taking a bath, tourism, tourism destination, touristic region, tower, travel, travel destination, traveling goal, tree, trip on bicycles, upper-swabian, upper swabia, Upper Swabian Baroque street, vacation, vacation-street, vacation place, vacations at the beach, vacations at the seaside, vacation spot, vegetation, viewpoint, vine, vinery, vineyard, vineyards, viticulture, wine, wine-growing, wine-growing area, wine cellars, winegrowing, wine landscape, wine region, winery
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