Night in Spello, province of Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Image Number 09182884
Description Night in Spello, province of Perugia, Umbria, Italy
License Typ RM
Recording Date01.06.2019
Creditmauritius images / cgimanufaktur
Model Release No permission needed
Property Release No permission needed
File size
68.7 MB (uncompressed), 24 MP
6000 x 4000 pixel, 50.8 cm x 33.87 cm @ 300 dpi
abandoned, abandoning, abandonment, afield, aged, alight, aloneness, ancient, anciently, arc, arcade, arcades, arch, arches, architecture, archival, archway, arcs, atmosphere, at night, attraction, back-yard, backbend, backbends, backcountry, back yard, backyard, battlement, battlements, beautiful, beautifully, beauty, bend, blankness, bow, bows, bridge, brightly-colored, brightly-coloured, brittleness, buidlings, building, buildings, building structure, by night, calm, calmly, calmness, city, city tour, city wall, colonnade, community of heirs, construction, contour, contours, countryside, courtyard, custom, dark, dawn light, deciduous, deserted, desertion, desolate, destination, edifice, edifices, emptiness, evanescence, evening, examine, exterior, exterior shot, fade, fading, famous place, figure, figured, figurine, figurines, forecast, forlorn, fortress, fortresses, gate, gate-way, gates, gateway, glaring, gleaming, glimm, glowing, glows, goal, halt, heirship, heredity, historic, historical, historic and vintage, historic district, holiday, holidays, house front, humor, idyll, idyllic, idyllically, illuminate, illuminated, illuminates, illuminating, illumination, illuminations, inherit, inheritance, inner court, inner courtyard, in the evening, isolate, isolated, isolation, italian, italian style, italy, itchy feet, journey, lamp, lamps, landmark, leave, leaving, lesser town, light, lighted, lightened, lighting, lightning, locality, location, locations, loneliness, lonely, lonesome, lonesomeness, look-out, looking out, look through, lucent, luminescent, manikin, mauer, mediaeval, mediaeval times, medieval, medieval times, mediterranean, melancholia, melancholic, melancholically, melancholy, memories, memory, middle ages, mistful, mood, moods, mortality, mournful, mural, national custom, night, night exposure, night reception, night shot, nighttime, nobody, no people, nostalgia, nostalgic, old, old building, old buildings, old part of town, old town, old visual, old visuals, on the country, outdoor, outdoors, outlines, outlook, outside recording, passage, passages, passageway, patio, peacefulness, people custom, perishable, place, place of interest, places, placidity, plaza, portico, pretty, public square, quiescence, quietness, quite, quoin, radiate, refulgence, remember, rememberance, rememberances, remembering, remembrance, remote, remoteness, repose, romance, romantic, romantical, romantically, romantic charme, romanticism, ruins, secluded, seclusion, secreted, see through, shining, shiny, sight, sightseer, silence, silhouette, silhouetted, site, small town, solitary, solitude, somber, square, stillness, stone-house, stone house, stone houses, stone wall, stonewall, stronghold, strongholds, temper, tourism, tourism destination, tourist attraction, town, tradition, traditional, traditional culture, traditionally, traditionally italian, traditionally mediterranean, traditions, tranquil, tranquile, tranquility, tranquillity, transience, transient, transitoriness, transitory, travel, travel desire, travel destination, turn one's back, twilight, urban, urbanity, urban scene, urban tourism, vacant, vacation, vacationing, vacations, vacui, vacuity, view through, village, vintage, vista, void, volatile, wall, walls, wanderlust
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