Two fishermen in the evening in a snack bar behind a windbreak in the harbour of Roscoff in Brittany.
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Description Two fishermen in the evening in a snack bar behind a windbreak in the harbour of Roscoff in Brittany.
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Recording Date21.04.2019
Creditmauritius images / Signumlux
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agriculture, alimentation, almost food, ambience, amusement, angling, architecture, at rest, attraction, away from it all, beachfront, beverage, beverages, border marking, break, break-time, break time, breaktime, brittany, catering, chill, chilling, chilling out, chill out, city, countryside, culture, cultures, destination, dimensionses, diner, downtime, drink, drinks, eco, economica, economic boom, economics, economic situation, economy, elation, emotion, enjoying one's self, enjoyment, environment, environmental, environments, europe, evening, fabrication, famous place, fare, farming, fast food, feeding, feeds, feeling, feelings, fisher, fisher davit, fisheries, fisherman, fishermen, fishers, fishery, fishing, food, foods, food stall, france, free-time, free time, freetime, fun, gastronomy, glassy, green living, grow, growing, growth, growths, grub, happiness, harbor city, harbour town, haul, having a break, having fun, high life, highlife, holiday, holiday resort, holidays, homo sapiens, human, human being, humanoid, husbandry, increase, interest, interested, interesting, interval, in the evening, intrigued, island, isle, job, journey, joy, joyful, joyous, landmark, leaning back, leisure, leisure time, lesser town, life-style, life-styles, life style, lifestyle, lifestyle/adults, lifestyles, life styles, limpid, making, manufacture, manufactures, mass, meal, measurement, mediaeval, mediaeval times, medieval, medieval times, medieval town, middle ages, natural area, natural environment, natural scenery, nature, nosh, nourishment, nutrition, nutritional, nutritions, occupation, occupations, occupation world, pause, pause bread, pauses, pausing, pellucid, person, person of, place of excursions, place of interest, potable, prepare, prepared dish, prepare dish, preparing, prod., produces, production, profession, professional lives, professional occupation, public, quality-time, quality time, recline, reclined, reclining, recovering, recreating, recumbent, regeneration, relax, relaxation, relaxes, relaxing, repast, resort, respite, rest, rested, resting, scenery, sea port, see-through, see thru, sentiment, sentiments, sight, sights, small town, snack, snack bar, snacked, snack room, snacks, snackshop, snack stand, snack stoods, spare time, spring, spring-time, spring time, springtime, stoked, summer resort, take a break, taking a break, time-off, time-out, time off, time out, tourism, tourism destination, touristic region, town, traffic, translucent, transparency, transparent, travel destination, travelling, travel traffic, unwind, upswing, upturn in business, urban, urbanity, urban scene, vacation, vacation place, vacation spot, vacation trip traffic, vespers, vocation, way of life, weight measurements, well rested, windbreak, windbreaks
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