housing shortage, housing construction, renovation
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Description housing shortage, housing construction, renovation
License Typ RM
Recording Date18.10.2019
Creditmauritius images / cgimanufaktur
Model Release No permission needed
Property Release Not existing
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4000 x 5964 pixel, 33.87 cm x 50.5 cm @ 300 dpi
accoutrement, affliction, afflictions, afliction, ail, ailment, ailments, apartment building, apartment house, apartment houses, architecture, atmosphere, backlight, backlit, bavaria, big city, block of flats, blocks of flats, buidlings, build, build-up, building, building industry, buildings, building site, building structure, building trade, building trades, center of town, city, city center, city centre, city development, city scape, cityscape, cityscapes, city view, clean up, construct, constructing, construction, construction industry, construction site, construction trade, contre-jour, discs, dolor, dolour, downtown, dwelling house, edifice, edifices, equipment, equipments, equipped, estate, examine, exterior, exterior shot, fade, fire protection, floors, forecast, framework, front, gantry, gear, germany, heartbreak, high-rise, high-rises, highrise, high rise, high rise buildings, house front, housing, housing development, humor, infrastructure, large city, level, look-out, looking out, lookout, look through, medical condition, metropolis, metropolitan, mood, moods, multi-storey buildings, multi-story buildings, multistorey building, multistory building, neighbor, neighborhood, neighbors, neighbourhood, nobody, no people, nuremberg, outdoor, outdoors, outlook, ownership, pane, panes, paraphernalia, point-block, possesion, process, processed, property, real estate, real property, redecorate, redecorating, redevelopment, refurbish, refurbishing, renovate, renovating, renovation, rent, residence, residences, residential house, residential structure, row of houses, scaffold, scaffolding, see through, sight of the city, skyscraper, skyscrapers, sorrow, suburb, suburban, suffer, suffering, tackle, temper, tenement building, tenements, tower block, tower blocks, towerblocks, tower building, townscape, town view, transmitted light, under contstruction, urban, urban development, urbanity, urban scene, urban view, view, view of the town, view through, vista, window coverings, window frames, window glass, window pane, windowpane, windowpanes, woe, workplaces
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