Originally, Borneo, with the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, was to become the destination for Sebastian Frölich's photo travel. But shortly before departure, he decided against the rather frequented island and booked for himself, his girlfriend and the camera a flight to Sumatra. The sixth largest island in the world is located in western Indonesia and is not yet over-developed for tourists.

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Orangutans and other animal inhabitants

Departing from Bukit Lawang, a small town on the edge of the rainforest, Sebastian first went on a multi-day jungle trek, which was all about the impressive wildlife of Sumatra. Also included were those "men of the woods" (so the correct translation), which are so similar to us human beings, not just in gestures and facial expressions. In fact, the genetic makeup of orangutans and humans is 97% identical. The semi-wild apes Sebastian came across in the jungle were apparently used to encounters with people or had even been fed by them in the past. Thus, he was able to take some sensational close-ups.

The use of a tripod proved to be inconvenient for all those very active animals in the dense jungle, so despite high heat and low light conditions, most of his photos had to be made conventionally by hand. However, all the waiting and focusing for hours proved to be worthwhile and Sebastian was rewarded with impressive images of majestic monitor lizards, beefy water buffalos, dazzling butterflies and other interesting animal inhabitants.

Stunning landscapes and exotic plants

Sebastian has also brought back fantastic impressions of the unique landscapes and the magnificent Flora of Sumatra. From the heavenly, solitary beaches, from mangroves and the jungle thicket to beautiful water hyacinths or elegant heliconia. The further course of the journey led to Mt. Sinabung, a currently quite active volcano near Berastagi. The city is situated on a high plateau and is blessed with abundant fertile farmland due to the volcanic proximity. From a safe distance Sebastian was able to observe some eruptions of Mt. Sinabung and catch fantastic light moods on an early morning ascent onto an extinct volcano.

Charming Encounters

From the vivid images taken at the Berastagi bazaar, the overwhelming friendliness of Sumatra's inhabitants laughs obligingly at us. Particularly touching is the encounter with an old woman, who initially did not want to be photographed, because she did not find herself beautiful enough. At the sight of her own portrait she finally exclaimed delightedly: "I am beautiful!"


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