european capitals of culture 2021

For 2021, the title of European Capital of Culture was awarded to Timișoara (Romania), Novi Sad (candidate country Serbia) and Elefsina (Greece).

However, in response to the COVID 19 pandemic, the European Commission proposed in August 2020 to extend the period of the current Capitals of Culture Galway and Rijeka until 30 April 2021. Novi Sad would then only become European Capital of Culture in 2022. For Timișoara and Elefsina a postponement from 2021 to 2023 is under discussion.

The decision on this is still pending - but we would like to present the three future European Capitals of Culture to you today in a variety of pictures.

Novi Sad

Serbia's second largest city is the first city outside the EU to receive the title of European Capital of Culture. The many nations that live here together make Novi Sad a place of active cultural encounters and cultural diversity.


Elefsina is an industrial town on the outskirts of Athens. In Eleusis - the ancient Greek name - the most important ancient mystery cults took place in the sanctuary of the goddess of field crops, Demeter.


Timișoara in the far west of Romania is a cosmopolitan city. Historically, the population has consisted of Germans, Hungarians, Serbs, Romanians and Jews. This diversity is also reflected in the cultural life of the city.