Hans Blossey

Hans Blossey was born 1952 in Essen, Germany, Hans photographed for various newspapers as a student before embarking on a photo apprenticeship at the WAZ (Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung). He worked as a picture editor before moving to the central editorial office of the WAZ as a photojournalist, where he spent years looking after national and international topics from politics, sports, art and culture. Finally in 2009, the passionate pilot took the leap into self-employment as a journalistic and commercial aerial photographer. Since 1983, he had documented with the camera major structural changes in the Ruhr region from the air. Over the years, an extensive and impressive aerial archive of all cities in the Ruhr Area and beyond has been created, which Hans continues to grow. The aerial photographs of the pilot of a TMG Dimona H36 and a Cessna 172 are found daily in newspapers as well as in books, company brochures and scientific works. Hans Blossey is a lecturer in photojournalism at the Media Academy Ruhr in Essen, Germany.