Klaus Niedermeier

As a son of a Korean mother and a German father Klaus Niedermeier was fortunate to encounter many countries and cultures at an early age. The travel bug remains with him to this day. While studying communication design he initially began to focus on photography. His preference lies in the seemingly insignificant details – little things one tends to ignore or forget while passing carelessly. Klaus Niedermeier sees great artistic freedom in the options of processing digital images: "Photos often capture the moment, but rarely the mood and feeling that you have at this moment. As a result of digital photography the world of images has totally changed. By triggering the camera the work is not done, it just begins. You can digitally alter moods, enhance, highlight or take back colours. You design the images just the way you want them. Never before had we such freedom in photography." You can find the pictures of Klaus Niedermeier in our image database under the name „BlueHouseProject".