Ingo Wilsdorff

The graduate designer, illustrator and photographer Ingo Claas Wilsdorff, born in 1968, works interdisciplinary. His work focuses on photographic art and commercial photography. Ingo is fascinated by the change of perspectives in photography: "A photo is a snapshot. It shows our world from the perspective of the photographer, who allows us to look through his eyes and in this way sometimes opens our own for motifs of our everyday life, that are rediscovered through someone else’s individual perspective. The mood of a moment, the detail within the big picture, the exciting in the banal." Ingo's artistic interest came to light in his earliest childhood and continued to develop over the years. As an artist, he creates works that would like to please for their own sake. He shows his exclusively artistically motivated works in permanent exhibitions. With his advertising agency "Wilsdorff - Visuelle Kommunikation" he also develops communication tools for his clients. You can find the pictures of Ingo Claas Wilsdorff in our image database under the name "Lighttrawler".