Sebastian Scheuerecker

Early in life, Sebastian Scheuerecker, born in 1980, already was enjoying photography and developed black-and-white films and photo prints in his own small darkroom. After a year abroad in Canada and the USA, he moved to the media city Hamburg, where he successfully completed his studies at the Academy of Photography. After various assistantships with renowned photographers in the automobile and advertising industry, Sebastian finally became a freelance photographer in 2006. Sebastian's clients include agencies, publishers and companies. His wife and children are always a source of inspiration. With his sense for light and form, Sebastian understands how to skillfully stage objects as well as landscapes. The unmistakable look of his works emerges conceptually and situatively, mostly in light situations photographed in daylight, which convey authenticity. He also integrates graphic techniques or light drawings into his photographs in a very creative way. Sebastian’s landscapes show easiness and purity and convey the feeling of freedom.