Steffen Rothammel

Steffen Rothammel was born in 1974 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. The graduate communications engineer is a passionate mountaineer and a world traveller. Enthusiastic over the beautiful nature in his homeland and the Bavarian Alps, he began to photograph as a teenager. Through his interest in other countries and cultures and numerous journeys, he finally found his way not only to nature and landscape photography but also to street photography. It fascinated him to get into conversation with the people he wanted to portray. Since then, he has understood that getting involved with foreign cultures and people in order to capture a feeling or a scene in the picture at the right moment is the actual task of photography. And just as the charm of a country or a certain situation lies above all in the people who characterise it, each individual face also characterises Steffen's images. His photos have been published in the magazines National Geographic, Geo, Photography and Bergwelten, among others. His projects also include an annual picture calendar and commissioned work.