Roberto Moiola

Roberto "Sysa" Moiola was born in Morbegno, Italy, in 1978, where he still lives surrounded by his beloved Alps. Being a professional freelance photographer since 2000, he has worked with the leading mountain landscape magazines, yet not disdaining collaborations related to other aspects of nature and travel photography. He has travelled throughout Europe, the Arctic, North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia - always in an adventurous mood and with simple equipment, driven by his great passion for nature and his interest in indigenous peoples. Always in search of new horizons, he has recently perfected techniques in aerial photography and night shots in far and deserted corners of the Alps. Roberto organizes photo courses, photo days, workshops and photo travels all around Europe in order to introduce photo amateurs to the wonderful world of photography, telling about his adventures, explaining his techniques and showing his images.