Christoph Mohr

Christoph Mohr has been living and working in Cologne, Germany, since 1999. As a camera assistant, he worked on film productions such as "Lammbock" and "Das Wunder von Bern" as well as on documentary films. After a shooting in Manila, Christoph was so enthusiastic about the photos he took with him that he decided to become a travel photographer. His artistic approach to light and colour leads to very impressive photos of the various destinations, mostly in Asia. In addition to landscapes, he is also interested in the social and political aspects of the regions he travels. With his balanced mixture of portrait, landscape, documentary and reportage photography, he provides interesting and comprehensive impressions of all his destinations. In 2011, Christoph Mohr won the first prize of the "Green Beijing in the Eyes of Foreign Friends" Photo Contest. In 2012, he won the third prize at "The Spirit of Beijing" Photo Contest.