Christine Meder

While still studying painting and photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Christine Meder used photography as a "sketch book". Over the time, her photos eventually became more and more of an independent work. Through her years of work for various television stations, the graduated graphic designer developed interest for space and movement. When photographing, she thinks of painting and light – as translated from ancient Greek, "photography" means "drawing with light". With regards to her favorite subjects Christine Meder says: "I am interested in the brief moment when a sunbeam makes things visible, which I would never have noticed without it." Christine Meder lives and works in Munich, but regularly retreats to Tachinger See in Chiemgau, where she discovers her motifs. Homeland is for her - according to the German film director Marcus H. Rosenmüller - "a mixture of landscape, people and the objects that they consciously or unconsciously create or leave behind". The natural combination of tradition and modern technology, such as a smartphone with floral patterns on a beer table, fascinates her. The fuzziness in Meder's photographs symbolizes the transience of the moment - that famous Cartier-Bressonian moment that is at stake in her work. Her photographs have already been shown in various exhibitions.