Hannah Lebershausen-Theobald

Hannah Lebershausen studied journalism, cultural studies and photography in Giessen (Germany) and New York City (USA) and works as a professional photographer with her own team throughout Europe. Born in Hesse (Germany) in 1989, she soon discovered her passion for emotional picture language. Under the pseudonym Hannah L, she transforms themes such as love, bonds and partnership into sensitive images moving the viewer. Her photographic style represents people both romantically and authentically at the same time. National and international blogs as well as renowned magazines regularly publish Hannah L’s photos and picture series. She has also received awards from several portals and magazines for her lively pictures. In 2015, Hannah L won mauritius images’ Young Talent Award. Since 2015 she has been organising workshops on the topic of emotional photography of couples. "Giving back something" the young entrepreneur sees as her duty. Thus, in 2016 she founded the nationwide photography initiative "HERZBILDER", which aims to bring the topic of "dementia and love" into the center of society through emotional, honorary photographs of those affected and their relatives.