Axel Hyde-Kull

Raised in Berlin, Axel Hyde-Kull was 14 when his passion for photography was sparked off inside a friend’s darkroom. The magical moment when the outlines of a picture became visible on white paper was so formative that he decided to become a photographer himself. First publications in daily newspapers proved him right. This was followed by a traineeship and finally a study of photojournalism in Leipzig. From 1990 to 1994 Axel gained important journalistic experience at the American news agency Associated Press, was pleased about numerous publications and cover pages in the national and international press. Since 1994 he has been self-employed with his own photographer's office and works as a specialist for interior and hotel photography. Besides, the enthusiastic traveler also likes to dedicate himself to the travel and landscape photography. Axel Hyde-Kull's exclusive RM images can be found in our image database under the name "Kullphotos".