Jana Ihle

Jana Ihle, born 1968 in Zschopau, and raised in Chemnitz, Germany, studied computer science and business administration with a focus on marketing. Since 1995 she has worked as a creative in advertising and is intensively involved with photography in this context - from the image concept to the shoot. Since 1997 she lives and works in the Rhineland. Jana's enthusiasm for beautiful stills in food blogs spurred her to produce something similar. After all, a camera as a Christmas present was the trigger for her to actively photograph herself. Today, her creatively arranged, crisp fresh, appetizing stills are an eye-catcher in every imaginable context, not least of course in food blogs. In addition to stills, she also likes to photograph nature motifs, preferably in a way that one does not notice when passing by. Jana also likes to experiment with artistic post-processing of her motifs.