Günter Gräfenhain

To represent every motif as beautifully as possible and in an ideal light, while at the same time avoiding the highly distorting effects of image editing - this is the claim of travel photographer Günter Gräfenhain. In addition to the beauties of Europe between North Cape and Sicily, he is particularly drawn to the east, from the Silk Road to the Buddhist countries in the Himalayas and Southeast Asia. Günter Gräfenhain was born in 1948 in Rotenburg (Wümme) in Lower Saxony, Germany. After graduation and unfinished law studies, he worked as a press archivist at the Axel Springer Verlag, Hamburg. At the same time, he completed courses in large-format photography and photographic lighting technology. This was followed by a seven-year activity as chief on-board photographer on the first TV dream ship "MS Vistafjord". During this time, Gräfenhain's enthusiasm for the beauties of the world and the wish to experience them intensively, emerged together with the desire to depict them perfectly as a travel photographer.