Andrea Haase

Born in 1964 in Bielefeld, the qualified interior designer Andrea Haase has been working in a variety of areas of art and design during her studies. Subsequently, she has been seeing a bit of the world living in different places of the world for 10 years. During this time she developed her passion for photography. Today, Andrea lives on the Baltic Sea in a former dairy and still likes to travel -her camera most likely always in the luggage. The focus of her photographic work has now become decorative stills in the area Home & Garden, which she likes to arrange in her studio and preferably in her country house garden. She designes many of the objects and requisites by herself giving her arrangements a personal touch. A major passion of Andrea are also illustrations and mixed media motifs, where she combines painting, graphics and photos. Her photos and digital collages are mainly used in the areas of Wall Art and Product Design.