Ingo Wibbecke

Right during his first assignment as an editor at the local newspaper, Ingo Wibbecke captured the passion for photography. Meanwhile, it is an integral part of his life and leads him onto journeys - preferably to the USA - where he always expresses his fascination for country and people through fantastic imagery. The mountain chains in the Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming glowing in the first sunlight of the day, inspire Ingo as well as the wild romance of Big Sur, the Pacific coast of California. In addition to nature, landscape and cities, he is particularly impressed by the warmth and helpfulness of the people, the Pow Wow of the Crow Indian in Montana or the Bonneville Speed Week on the Great Salt Lake in Utah. With his pictures, he wants to share his fascination, but also encourage others to contribute to the preservation of these beauties. Ingo's images have already been exhibited several times in Hamburg and have been published in well-known media.